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Long time no see!

Wow. I have not been back on here in a long while. To the point where I had over 2,000 messages in my inbox! WHAT!?!

I have been ridiculously busy. Two jobs and planning a wedding has been freaking INSANE! Writing has taken a serious back seat but I have gotten a new chapter out for Intertwined and C&A's chapter 11 is in progress...finally. I've found that trying to keep a writing schedule is completely impossible with everything going on but thing's will be coming out!!!

I did miss you all! :D

Just a thought

Have you ever had the urge to say something but you just absolutely aren't sure what?
I'm very much in that state right now. I could, I suppose, write some ridiculously long, drawn out madness of Facebook like everyone else tends to do. Buuuut I'm not really sure I give a shit how many 'likes' I get for my comments right now, lol.
Well that's it for now people, lol. At least you all know I'm still alive!! I feel like I've left my livejournal a ghost town this past year!


Holy Shit

I did it. I finally did it.
For the first time in over a year my fucking inbox is EMPTY!
All 312 of the stories that I kept putting off reading are finally read or deemed not as interesting as I thought they were gonna be and the mutherfucker is EMPTY!

As ridiculous as it sounds, this is noteworthy people. I'm excited. Truly.



Writer's Block: Love is in the Air

Describe the perfect date.
For me, I think the most perfect dates are the casual ones. Maybe a walk in the park, sharing a movie or making dinner and desert together and making a huge mess out of the kitchen and each other in the process lol. Just generally enjoying each other and getting to know one another without all the pressure of trying to 'impress'. My boyfriend and I didn't have an actual 'date' until four months into the actual relationship but as long as we were together we always found a way to make it fun!


Sheesh. I start another college, get a boyfriend, and start working more and I literally have no time to write, XD. I'm sorry guys. I DO miss you all and I plan on finishing my stories...but...MAN. It's hard to find inspiration with all this crap going on. Grahhhhh.

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

What’s your favorite kind of weather?

Writer's Block: Singing in the rain

What tune do you regularly find yourself humming or singing in the shower?

Uhhhhh....I have a new song basically every day but for the past three I've had "Without You" by Jason Manns on a constant mental loop lol.


HOW the hell is it already July?! Ok time, you need to slow your ass down because I LIKE my years not blurring together into mush, thanks!

At least today seems to be dragging. I'd even take long, horrible work days to the whole blink-and-the-year's-gone shit that's been happening for the past two. Sheesh! How are we supposed to get anything done at this rate?! I remember when I was little and wondering why the adults rushed around all the damn time, now I freaking know! Bills, work, school(if you do it), sleep and back to the same thing the next day! WTF! I miss being in Kindergarten where the hardest thing you had to do was figure out which goddamn crayon to use to draw your flower. I am so not down with this ZIP ZIP ZIP thing my life has suddenly taken on. DO NOT WANT!

*ahem* Okay...yeah. No one's here at the moment but my animals and they're already sick of me talking to myself so this rant was long coming. Thanks flist for tolerating my crazy.



Sometimes there are movies that make you wonder how the hell they got picked up enough to spend alllllll that money making them. That have pretty much no point and are batshit insane in the least awesome way. Case and point: Visioneer. What the bloody buggering fuck happened with that movie?! O___O Like I seriously kept thinking that I needed to be ridiculously fucked up on SOMETHING to even kind of get any enjoyment out of it! Lol, I totally feel a little mind warped here. One of the scariest fucking things I've ever seen. No lie.



I find it highly amusing that my little brother is SO afraid of the Dean/Castiel and Jared/Jensen pairings that he utterly and completely denies every single little thing between them that could be taken in a different way than shown. It's kind of irritating at times, I admit. But it's fun to watch him get all flustered about it. *shrug* Keeeep your head in the sand little bro. Go on. The big, scary fandoms can't get you in there.


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